MAC files inside zipped downloads

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MAC files inside zipped downloads

I just downloaded and unzipped the Color Basics Cardboard Alphas Kit and it had me thinking because there was a MAC file included.
Would it be possible to only download the PC file or the Mac file separately. This could possibly help Pixelscrapper with downloads but it would also help me with my internet quota.

Hi Liz. That MAC file you see is just a metadata file created when a file is zipped in Mac OS X (Brooke uses Mac, so that's why it's there). It does not really add anything to the file size.

We'll see if Brooke can use a different zip program that will leave out the MAC files.

@Liz - I'm trying a different zip program for you - the first use was with the tape templates I just posted (4-21-13). If you happen to download them, let me know if you are still getting the unwanted/useless mac files. smiley