How do I upload an image I would like to share???

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How do I upload an image I would like to share???

How do you upload images? I would like to upload images that corresponds with some replies I would like to post. I don't see an attachment upload function for images. Can anyone help???

If you host your image somewhere, like Photobucket, then you simply click on the link icon (the second one the right, a globe with glasses ? -- edited to add: duh. I just figured out those are not glasses but LINKS. I'm real sharp) and paste the link to your image. The other thing you can do is click on the first icon, the yellow square with the mountain, and paste in the image code from wherever you host your photos. That should bring up the picture in the reply box, which you can test with Preview (next to Post Reply).

Here's a link to PixelScrapper's official "How To" with pictures and everything!

I'll check back to see if that helps.

And this probably needs to be in the thread about site stuff, so I'll probably move it over there.

Also, if you were wanting to share your layouts in the gallery, you will need to apply for access. See here for more details.