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A member unable to log in

Hi there

A friend of mine Amber Johnston who is a member of ps has had to change her email address and has deleted her old one. So now she is unable to log into pixel scrapper - she tried today but tried too many times so she is locked out. Is there anyway admin are able to change her email address and password so she can log back in? She obviously doesn't want to create a whole new account again.
Any help would be very much appreciated smiley


Sorry for the trouble your friend has encountered, Sarah. We will be happy to get this sorted out for her. Please just have her email us at support@pixelscrapper.com with information about her old and new email address.

Wonderful Jordan thank you so much smiley Will give her the email address.

Thank you so much - Amber has emailed you....she can't wait to get back in smiley

I just sent Amber an email with her new login info smiley . Thanks for helping get this sorted, Sarah.

Thank you so much for doing it smiley and for all the hard work you put into this site.