AJAX HTTP error when downloading [fixed]

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AJAX HTTP error when downloading [fixed]

It's not by any means getting in my way, but thought I'd let you know it's coming up. smiley

When I go to download an asset, if I select the "Do not show credits remaining" checkbox, and click Start Download, this error message shows up (link to screencap below):"An AJAX HTTP error occurred. HTTP Result Code: 502..." Clicking OK makes it go away, and I can continue with my downloading. The message doesn't show up when I continue other downloads the same day - issue starts fresh when I login on another day.


I'm accessing the site via Chrome, on a PC running the Windows 8 beta...which is a pretty unusual setup, I know! I'm used to running into odd things here and there, lol.

Note to Jordan: The same thing happened to me the other day... I discovered I wasn't logged in and once I did the error went away so I didn't think to mention it, but the two might be linked to the same issue if you wanted to fix both at the same time.

I'm accessing the site via Chrome, on a PC running the Windows 7

I used to have that error message, too, until I changed a setting in my account settings... In there you'll see a box for "Download confirmation: Show download confirmation when downloading. If checked, a confirmation dialog will be shown with every download. If unchecked your downloads will begin immediately." I unchecked that box & now no more error message and things download right away when I click on the download button. Hope that fixes your problem.

@Melissa: Super useful bug report--screenshot and everything smiley. Thank you! I'm going to give you 20 bonus community points for this, and I'm going to try to fix the error as soon as possible (it's happening because of something I changed on the site a while back).

Lizanne: Though I had checked the "remember" box, that window (and error) would still come up when I did a fresh log-in. But I'd done it through that pop-up window, not my account settings as you suggested, so maybe that's why I had the problem show up!

Jordan: Thanks for the speedy response! As I said, it wasn't really in my way - my husband's enough of a code-nerd that I could tell it was harmless, but I know "normal" people might panic on seeing an error with so many scary numbers. smiley

As of this morning, a) site remembered I had checked the box, and point confirmation window didn't come up, so b) error has gone away! (Logged in per usual, didn't change any additional settings.) Hooray!

Finally got this fixed! Thanks again for reporting it smiley

(It's true that the error didn't actually interfere with site functionality, but it's terrible to be giving a popup error like that to all the site newcomers smiley)