Problem with bundle downloads [fixed]

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Problem with bundle downloads [fixed]

Just wanted to let you know that I experienced an issue with downloading the above kits when I chose the bundle only. I could download the pewter and chrome kits but not the others - clicking on the download buttons just didn't do anything. I went to the individual kits and everything was fine. When I went back in to the bundle, it gave me the option to re-download everything but I still could not through the links in the bundle. Just posting this for anyone else who tries. I have all the files so nothing req'd by me - just an fyi. Thank you!

Definitly a problem with this set.
I can only download one kit, I then have to go back to the bundle page and hit the download button again. This uses up my ability to download again at a later time. As there are 6 kits to download I won't be able to download all of the sets without "paying" again.
If I click on the individual kits shown on the bundle page then the kits that I have managed to download show the "you have already downloaded" message, but the ones that I haven't managed to download yet are showing the regular download message.

I have had this same problem when trying to DL the bundles. These kits aren't the first ones I encountered this problem with. I have just decided that I will go to the individual kits to DL because it is basically the same thing anyway. Have been so busy had not gotten a chance to make note of it in a thread.

For me it works but i can only click on one and then i have to press the "go back button" and then i can download the second one and so on smiley

Thanks for bringing this to my attention... I think I know what's causing the problem here (a change I made on the site a couple of weeks ago), and will attempt to fix it asap.

For now you can get around this by pressing the "refresh" button on your browser (or pressing F5 on your keyboard) after you have downloaded one of the items on the bundle page... but again: I'll try to fix this soon.

Okay, bundle downloads should now be working again without problems. If anyone experiences any further problems with bundle downloads, please let me know.