Brushes won't load

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Brushes won't load

I love this site and have had no problems except for two brushes.....Brooke's Food Sketchy and Marisa's String. The other brushes I have downloaded ( Brooke's Sparkle and Marisa's Music 101-125) work, but trying to use or load these two prompts a pop up that says "Could not load the brushes because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop Elements." I'm using PSE 11 and installed all the brushes in the same manner. Any fix that you know of?

Sorry about that. It's a problem with the brush files since every version of Photoshop and PSE has slightly different requirements. I'm not sure if there's a way to guarantee it working everywhere, that's why I always include the .PNG files.

In the case of the String Kit, I think the problem is that some of the images are too big and earlier versions only go up to 2500px. I could shrink all my images before making brushes, but then things would only ever be so big. I'm not sure which is more inconvenient, smaller brushes or brush files that don't work all the time. Especially when there are other factors that may be contributing to the brush files not working.

There may be a better solution, I'm certainly not an expert brush maker, so if anyone has thoughts, I'm listening!

Thanks, Marisa, for getting back to me so soon. I'm always sure that things don't work because of something I did, so it's reassuring to hear it's not in this case. I'll just use the PNG files for these and if someone comes up with a solution I'll have the brushes to use also.

I forgot to mention, that making a brush set is pretty easy. There's a tutorial here. Obviously it would be nicer if I could do it right from the beginning, but if you prefer to use them as brushes you should be able to make a set that works for your system.