Can't find download link

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Can't find download link

I am logged on and have download credit but I don't seem to be getting a download option ?????
I check off download pref and then options or checkout. Have 18 DC and was trying to use 10.

Hi Sherry, sorry for your trouble smiley

Can you please tell me what browser and operating system you are using?

When viewing an item, when you click on the "Download" button, your download should start automatically. Have you looked in your browser's download folder?

I assume you've clicked on the "Download" button? (see screenshot).

There is no download button. There is a pink donate button but no other active buttons.
Google XP
Have never had a problem downloading from this site before .

Hi Sherry, you´re probably trying to download a kit, and, unfortunatelly Jordan and Marisa needed to make downloading kits a feature exclusive for those who have donated to the site. That´s why you see the donation button istead of the regular downloading one.

Also, when you have a minute, don´t forget to check our Profile Expectations. They are required to post in the forum.