Can't find gallery guidelines

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Can't find gallery guidelines

I've known about pixelscrapper since quite a while now, and I've recently been thinking about starting to use pixel scrapper's gallery for my layouts, but I can't find any general guidelines/forum rules (as most other galleries would have). I've searched up and down this site and if they exist, could s.o. point me that way?

Basically, I would like to know whether this site's gallery is an open gallery (meaning you can upload pages from any store/designer, or do layouts here have to contain pixelscrapper designs?

Never mind. I kept searching, and actually did find the answer to my question above (you just have to look hard enough, lol). It's basically an open gallery!

Yes Mam' We are an open gallery. Glad you found the info you needed. I had just logged out for the night when you posted this apparently. smiley

Looking forward to seeing your layouts Sula!

Glad you finally found those guidelines Sula, and sorry for your trouble. Where would you expect such guidelines to be posted? We definitely want to make it easy for people to find what they're looking for smiley.

I guess the first place to look would be somewhere either as a sticky in the forum > support (that's where I went and looked first, but I might just be a very odd person, lol), or on the gallery page of the site (either where you upload the images, or maybe like one of the tags to the side). Even if it's just a line or two on top of the actual gallery images, just saying it's an open gallery and providing the image specs could work. Or even if it's just one line (on top of the gallery images) saying there are guidelines, and providing the link to the full rules/guidelines would work. ... I'm just thinking out loud a couple of options here ... Of course, I have no clue, if that's technically possible at all, but I'm sure you guys will find what works best for this site.