Can't see any layout,pic's and templates,kits

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Can't see any layout,pic's and templates,kits

Yesterday everything seemed fine after your maintenance,today i logged in and can not see anything.

I'm having the same problem. I could see everything, then I couldn't a couple of days ago. I could see everything again yesterday, but I can't see anything again today.

(Can't see images on IE10 or Firefox, by the way)

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for reporting the problem. Can you please let me know what operating system and web browser you are using (thanks for providing the browser info, Cathy).

I've just tried all the major browsers on multiple computers, and am not having a problem seeing images. This is most likely an issue with your browser cache (because of a change I made to the site recently), or possibly an outdated browser.

Please try the following:

  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser. Visit this page to see if you are using the latest version. If not, download and install the latest version.
  2. Try completely emptying your browser cache. Please see this article for instructions on how to do that for your particular browser. Make sure you empty everything, and not just the recent cache.

If you try both of those, and you still aren't seeing any images, try using a different browser temporarily, just to see if that solves the problem or not (which will help with the troubleshooting).

Let me know if any of those ideas work.

It's working this morning - yay! I'm using Windows 7 - IE10. I don't think it was a problem with my browser, because I've had the same issue on & off with your site, along with other people. I don't have this problem with any other websites. Did you "tweak" something after my posts yesterday? Whatever you did worked! Thanks!

Now it's not working again - how strange...

Sorry to hear that, Cathy... I haven't tweaked anything on the site since your first post, so I'm not sure exactly what's causing this issue. Please keep me posted regarding this issue.

Mine is not working, using google chrome. Had no problems yesterday or earlier today. Just now having issues as of 7pm central time.

I am having the same issue - have had no problems until today. I am using Windows7 and IE11.

Edit: Just to add that I am having no problems with any other web site!

Edit2: Have just tried using Chrome and that is working OK!

Using Windows 7 and IE11 here. Having the same problem as the others. Has not effected any of the other sites I've visited.

Having the same issues as everyone else. I was using windows 7 IE and when I checked it said I had the updated version and it still wouldn't show any photos, so I switched to FireFox 20 and it is now working.

Can't see layouts or pics. My IE is up to date. I am using Windows 7. I will try another browser but something is wrong.

I am having the same issues. I use explorer. I'm going to see about Foxfire. I have Window 8 not sure if that makes a difference.

I am having the same problem with not being able to see images. I am using windows 7 and IE 10. The problem started today. I tried using chrome instead and that was fine. It is only this site which I am having a problem with! I have emptied the cache but it made no difference! Maybe it is the bad weather affecting our signal or something!

I'm on IE 11 windows 7.. can't see any graphics at all either.

I can't see anything either.


Just popped in to see if there are any graphics yet.. but nope.... not for me yet. Is anyone else having better luck today? smiley I'll check back later this evening or tomorrow. smiley

**** Just wanted to say... that I tried using my Google Chrome.. and voila! We have success now! Yay! smiley) Not sure what happened when IE 11 updated.. but it's the culprit me thinx! smiley haha Hope this helps others. smiley

Is there status on when this will be up and working? I have off from work this week and just paid for the unlimited dc each month. I hope it is up and running soon. smiley

I cleared my cache in my browser. It took a LONG time, and didn't appear to work, but the next day it was fine.

EDITED TO ADD: Internet Explorer was NOT the only browser having issues, as I've always used Google Chrome and they were not showing up for me. I honestly think it was my browser cache.

I haven't been able to see images for the past 3 days, & again today. I see others are having the same problem. This is my second week on the site so everything is new to me. Still learning. Didn't know if I was doing something wrong.

PLEASE.... READ... my previous post ladies.. it may help you! smiley smiley smiley

Yay! Got my working. I ditched explorer is working on Foxfire. Good luck!

Sorry for the late response on this: Marisa and I are currently visiting Marisa's parents in Mexico for the holidays, so support will be a bit more sporadic until we return home. I will do my best to check in here when possible.

I've looked into this issue, and was able to reproduce the problem when viewing the site in IE (other browsers do not seem to be affected). It seems to be an issue with our CDN provider, and I have filed a support request with them. For now, I have disabled image preloading on the site, which solved the problem for me once I cleared my browser cache in IE. Turning of preloading will make the site load a bit more slowly though, so hopefully we can get this resolve at the source and turn that back on.

So the issue with IE should be fixed for now. If you are still not seeing images please empty your browser cache once more as described at

Thanks everyone for your patience, and very sorry for the trouble.

Thanks for the response. I joined PixelScrapper using Microsoft Surface (Windows RT), the images loaded for a while, then suddenly stopped. Currently I am using my desktop computer (Windows XP) and everything is ok at the moment. (Both using Internet Explorer)I will try emptying my browser cache on Surface to see if it makes a difference. As other people have said above, this is the only site I have ever had image problems with. Have a lovely and safe Christmas and New Year, everyone.

Thank you Jordan! Logged in today with IE and everything OK!

Yes, many thanks Jordan! I now have my images back!!

Yay, it's working today! Thank you!

Ha! Wow.. that's cool that you sussed it out.. and funny about the CDN provider. I'm Canadian.. and can see everything on my IE now too.. Thx bunches. Happy happy Christmas to you both in Meheeecoh! smiley smiley