Color Basics Gingham Ribbons

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Color Basics Gingham Ribbons

Marisa/Brooke/Jordan, I just downloaded the Black Gingham Ribbons from the Color Basics kit and they cost 2-DC each for PU, yet the other colors are only 1-DC each is this correct? smiley

Hi Liz, could you provide links to the ribbons in question? We'll try to get to the bottom of this!

colour ribbons are here -[0]=im_field_bundle_id_term_referenc%3A3404&f[1]=im_field_tags%3A241
black ribbons are here -[0]=im_field_tags%3A241

The price difference comes from the black ribbons being uploaded as templates, and the colored ones are uploaded as assets.

Thanks Marisa for explaining.
I just assumed that when I clicked on the see "More" part of the "Color Basics - Black & White Kit" that it would be an asset. I didn't even look at the page to see if there were assets or templates involved. smiley