Community Points 9?

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Community Points 9?

Hi, I have read the support page "More About Community Points" and if I am understanding the following correctly I should have 10 community points, but I am only showing 9.

How You Can Earn Community Points

Points . . . . Interaction
10 . . . . . . Completely filling out your profile, including first and last name, about me, and uploading a profile picture.

I am not sure if there is something on my profile I am missing?

I did first and last name, about me, and all of the rest of the fields, except some of the social media fields, as I do not have all of them.

I searched through the support forums and found this topic from 7 months ago. Community Points Glitch???

But it now appears that I am having the same issue. Because of this topic I tried adding a check in "Other Software You Use" just in case it was the exact same problem, but I am still showing 9.

Thank you for your help and if this was an error on my part, my apologies for taking up your time.

Thanks for letting us know about this, Dawn! It seems that there is a glitch with the "Home Country" field, where it is not giving you a community point for filling it in, as it should.

I've changed some settings so that it should work in the future, and given you a few extra community points for your help smiley

Thank you so much smiley