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Daily DC

It is my understanding that DC points are earned daily. I haven't been a member long but my DC count has not moved since I joined. Please help me understand the DC process.


Hi Demetria, thanks for posting!

Take a look at the download credits support page: it should give you a better idea of how download credits work.

Basically, you earn DC daily (based on how many community points you have), but DC do not accumulate: you need to spend your DC (by downloading things) in order to get more.

Let me know if you need any further help!

ah I see... I have read both sections about credits, but I don't remember it saying that points do not accumulate... it would be nice if they did so we could download the things we wanted without having to come back several times to get the entire kit.

How does that work for people who have donated.... do they have to spend all of their points prior to getting daily points??????

Hi Demetria! The download credits you get from donating never expire, so you can use them whenever. You also continue to receive your daily DC on top of the DC you get for donating (as explained on the donation page).

We'd love to be able to have DC accumulate, but unfortunately that could lead to lots of people spending huge amounts of DC at once, which could crash our system, which is why we have the system that we've created.

Hope that helps!