DL'ed Same Kit Twice

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DL'ed Same Kit Twice

I just organized ALL of my dl's from pixelscrapper and realized I dl'ed the same kit twice. Is it possible I dl'ed this kit (hearts paper templates) a long time ago? Can I get a different one to replace the duplicate? Thanks for your help!

Sure, Cindy: I've given you some extra download credits.

Thanks so much, Jordan! I appreciate it!

I can't believe this happened again, if that's what happened. Gosh, at first I was really confused. I have 9 downloads for the Superlatives kit. One of those dls is called "Superlatives kit" and the other 8 dl zips are each part of the kit, making up the entire kit. The one entitled "Superlatives kit" contains each and every one of those other 8 individual dls.

So, did I dl the same kit twice, purchasing parts, then another time purchasing the entire kit in one zip? Or was this just a case where someone just accidentally included the 1 zip file with one of the others?

I'm sorry to bother you with another issue. Thank you for your help!

I don't believe it's even possible to do what you think you did yet as the bundle for the entire 8 or 9 kits (actually I think it will end up being 12 total kits in the bundle) to be purchased isn't even an option that is available yet to anyone as of now. It's still a work in progress.

See the superlatives bundle here: http://www.pixelscrapper.com/marisa-lerin/kits/superlatives-bundle-notebook-neutral-white-black-pink-blue
Notice over to the right where it normally tells us how many download credits it requires, it says: "Ability to download full bundles at a discount is coming soon!"

Also, You may want to note and pay a little closer attention to the same area to the right just under the word Download before hitting the button too quickly to see IF the phrase that says something like "You downloaded this item for personal use on Feb 10 2013. Please Donate Now if you would like to be able to re-download items for free" (in bright pink font) comes up. If it does that means you already have it on your computer somewhere it will even tell you the date you downloaded then you can look by that date through your PixelScrapper items.

Note: If you did download a kit twice it didn't cost you any download credits twice as every kit I've downloaded says "You have already downloaded this item for personal use. You may re-download it for free 4 more times through Feb 26 2013." And I'm NOT a supporter, that's a feature that they give any member here just for using their credits for the kits only, for the time being.

However, Since you ARE a supporter nothing should cost you if you download it twice because that's part of your gift of being a supporter free access to re-download if necessary even on assets & templates. I as a NON-supporter don't have that option since I'm not able to afford it just yet. So, in reality you shouldn't even be worried about downloading twice even if you accidentally don't notice the bright pink words, because it won't cost you any of your leftover download credits.

Hope this helps. smiley

Yes, it helps. Anything would help when it comes to this confusion! I'm aware of the kits not being able to be dl'ed all at once and the "You already dl'ed this on...". It's just weird, isn't it? To have a zip of the entire kit and then to also have zips for every part of the kit. Since I know these things, I didn't ask for credit or anything. I just wanted to know how this happened. Maybe that zip is accidentally included somehow. Anyway, thanks so much for your help. You're always there with great info., and it is very appreciated! smiley

P.S. Thank you for always including links where applicable...so helpful! smiley

You're so welcome! Maybe Marisa/Jordan can look at the kit in particular if you remember the exact download it happened from... I mean it is plausible I guess that she could have accidentally zip the individual assets in with the zip file before uploading. Which it would help to know because it essentially would make that kit twice the size it needed to be for people to download. smiley

If you unzipped to the folder having the downloaded file name (you know with the number code too) and share it here, it might help them to test the download themselves and see if it is indeed the case. Now that I really think about it I have a vague recollection of something similar happening to me recently but have no idea where the download was actually from and assumed I just unzipped it twice. smiley So I think you are right... If you can remember please share it here and they will see it.

Have a great night Cindy!

I’m not sure if these are the numbers you mean, hope so!


In the one zip, Superlatives kit, all of the above files are included.

It’s not a problem, just wondered what happened, so don’t go crazy looking for a solution! I was wondering if I was dl’ing twice by mistake, etc.
Thanks again! 

Hi Cindy,

I'm pretty sure you could not have downloaded all those things at once. Perhaps you accidentally zipped them together when you were trying to unzip them.

As Shawna mentioned, you can't actually be charged for downloading a kit twice, so you don't have to worry about that.

Thanks for your response, Marisa! Maybe THAT'S what happened (zipping them together when trying to unzip them). Well, at least now I've got your kits/elements all organized! smiley