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download credits

i had my account here just last month, but i noticed that my download credits are not increasing for about a week already. it stucked at 9. i logged in everyday and checking if it is increasing but its not. i havent downloaded any for a week. what's the problem? help! thanks! smiley

Joan: Please see the support page here to fully understand how the download credits work. Note: under the section titled Free Download Credits Every Day that it states... "It's important to realize that while you get free Download Credits every day, these credits are not cumulative." meaning they don't add up.
The fact you have 9 means you must have have a couple bonus ones left to spend because at 50 community points (as shown under your name as of tonight) you should only be earning 7 DC's each day. smiley Hope this answers your questions.

thanks so much for the help. now i understand why... good day! smiley

Shawna, you are awesome smiley