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Hi, Love your site but I haven't received any download credits for 2 or 3 days now, I have been checking every day and using my credits as they appear so just wondering now about the dc.

Thank you Julie

I have noticed this as well on my account. I have been 'stuck' on the same DC number for awhile. It's not a big deal because I have a lot of DC from donating but I thought you should know in case more people are having the same issue smiley I am looking forward to going shopping for some kits soon so it would be nice if they were updated. Thanks for your time!

@Maggie: You would need to spend a few to see if you're really not getting them or if you're only getting replenished. Remember the daily points don't accumulate so your balance wouldn't change if your weren't spending any on a daily basis. Let us know if you are spending and we'll go from there. smiley

@Julie: Are you saying you've been at zero for several days or are you "stuck" at a certain amount of points? Please clarify for us which it is. Thanks... and then we can look into it if you are remaining at ZERO balance. If you are remaining at 7 or 8 over the past few days this would be because you're not spending them and since they aren't accumulative... the balance would remain the same. Let us know and Jordan will get on it as soon as he sees your reply. Note: His and Marisa' daytime hours on the internet is usually during the hours we Americans are sleeping. smiley Although, I'm not sure where you're from. smiley

@Jullie and @Maggie: Sorry for the trouble, and the confusion. We are working on the site constantly trying to improve things and fix bugs, so thanks for your patience.

I checked your accounts today, and it does show that you have correct number of free credits in there. I think the main thing to be aware of is that, as Shawna said, the free daily credits do not accumulate: they only get topped off. So if you don't spend all your free credits every day, it's easy for it to seem like you are not getting the right number of credits.

For example, let's say that based on your community points you should be getting topped off to 6 free credits every day. We'll say you have 200 download credits (DC) in your account. If you use 5 DC for downloads, you will be down to 195 DC and you will still have 1 free DC left in your account. If you don't use it, the next day you will only receive 5 DC (so that they are "topped off" to 6). If you don't download anything after that, your credits will just sit at 200 every day, until you spend those free DC. So to receive your 6 free DC every day, you need to spend at least 6 DC every day.

I realize that the system may be a bit confusing, that we need better documentation, and we need to get the credits updating overnight, rather than at arbitrary times. These items are on the top of our to do list smiley . Thanks again for your patience, and though you haven't requested it, I've gone ahead and given both of you some more DC, because you've clearly been experiencing trouble with the system, and it's the least we can do.

Thank you for clarifying. I thought if you were visiting and participating on the site everyday you received the daily DC, but now I understand you have to USE the DC for them to replenish each day. I think I understand now smiley Thanks for the extra DC anyway- you didn't have to do that just because I don't know how to read! Lol smiley thanks for your time Jordan and Shawna!

Thank you for letting me know about the download credits, one other thing I was unable to log in yesterday although I tried all day. I am Australian so I would be using the site when most Americans are sleeping>

@Julie: A lot of us had trouble logging in yesterday, myself include. Jordan posted in another thread this should be fixed for everyone now. I have been able to log in today and do other stuff and have seen several people around off and on for the past 3-4 hours. So, if you still have problems after last night let Jordan know and if you get an error code share it here either by a print screen or typing it out. Hope you aren't having any troubles today though. smiley

Just to pipe in on this topic, as Jordan suggested a couple of weeks ago, I spent about 15 credits yesterday and ended up with 174 (I should be receiving and spending 7 DC per day). Today I logged in at 1:19 p.m., CST, and the balance is still 174. I really hope you work on getting these credits updated overnight as opposed to arbritarily. I'm sure this would reduce the number of postings you get today on this hot issue. Shawna, Jordan, no need to reply. I just wanted to let you know that your suggestion works but it's not consistent.

I'm confused about the way this works. I signed up for an account quite some time ago and was really busy so didn't have a chance to download anything for about a month. When I finally got a chance to check things out I had over 50 download credits, so they appeared to be accumulating while I was "away". Now that I have more time to be active on the forum, I see that I am at 7 credits. I understand that they don't accumulate, but I'm just wondering why I had so many just a couple weeks ago...

They dont accumulate Cat. In some occasions Marisa and Jordan give us extra credits, either for a holiday, or for a random act of kindness, or for finding out some mistake. So, you probably got those credits on one of these extra giving.

OK, I see. Just have to keep active in the forum so I can bump up to the next level. I'm eyeballing a kit. smiley