Download Issue with Color Bundle

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Download Issue with Color Bundle

I tried to download the color bundle and the brown,black and red kits are all linked to the aqua kit download. Can you help correct the link so I can download the rest of the colors?
Thank you.

Hi Mendie, sorry for your trouble. I assume you're referring to the Color Basics Bundle? And I assume your problem is that you clicked on "Download" for the bundle, and then on this page you were trying to download the individual kits, and were not getting the correct ones?

If so, I've just verified that the black and red downloads in that bundle are linked to the correct kits (the items are in fact black, and red, respectively). Please try re-downloading those kits (you can do so without spending any more download credits), and let me know if you continue to have problems.

If I misunderstood your exact issue, please clarify, with screenshots if possible.