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Download problems & gallery access question

Where I live, the internet is super slow and has many issues (e.g. interrupting etc.). With the new credit system I keep losing download credits without being able to get anything in return, because once the download interrupts I would have to hit download again (which means losing more credits). So, the other day I was able to download one asset and lost 10 DCs. Currently, I'm trying to download 2 more (small) assets, but due to slow internet, I'm expecting to lose those assets (and the credits they took) before the download completes. Is there any way that those of us who struggle with internet problems can get some extra grace? (Set up the system in a way that if the asset has been downloaded once, that same asset can be accessed without loss of credits at least 5 times, etc.?)

And I'm still waiting for access to the gallery. Have not received any response to my registration.

I'm sure you guys are working hard behind the scenes to work out the problems!

Hi Sula,

Jordan and Marisa, the site owners, are on Vacation right now, as you can see in this announcement. I am not sure if Jordan gives access to the gallery manually, but I think so, as he checks the profile expectations.

I can really imagine that both situations, the delay on the access and the credit loss are so fustrating but I am sure Jordan will check it as soon as possible smiley

@Sula: Did you just join two days ago? The reason I ask is that you said you lost 10 download credits. I'm just wondering about that with the fact you only have 35 community points, you technically can only earn 7 DC's per day. But I believe on your very first day of joining the site that Jordan does give you 10DC's to start that day. After that you would only receive the 7 DC's each day renewed.

I know Jordan is working on a way for the system to know when we've already downloaded so we don't lose points if we accidentally try it again. Your suggestion is GREAT that we could re-download the same item if it failed for some reason without losing the points again. Maybe he can implement both of those things at the same time.

As far as the gallery, I was under the impression about a week back everyone was given access here, but maybe he does still have to manually give each member access, as Lórien suggest. I'm assuming that you have actually went to the gallery to try to upload your layout per these instructions below already and that's where you found out you have no access? Just in case you need these, I'm including links to the tutorials on uploading:
-- Here is a tutorial on How to Post Your Layout to the gallery, full step by step, pictures included tutorial.
-- Here is a tutorial on How to Tag Your Layout too... So everyone can see your submission to the challenge.
-- Here is a tutorial on Posting Images in the Forums, So everyone can see your layout in the specific challenge post.

Also, as Lórien said they are on vacation, it will be a couple weeks, so please don't think they forgot if it takes a little while for them to get this fixed for you. They just don't have the normal ease of internet access to help us out right now. smiley

You guys are really helpful. Thanks a lot. I've been checking out this site occasionally, but I haven't downloaded anything in a long while until only recently. So, yes, I joined this community just a couple of days ago, so I'm still trying to figure out the downloading system.

I'm not as frustrated as it may have sounded, so no worries on that part. I just wasn't sure if I had missed something.

I've tried the upload button, but all it does is refer me to the upload tutorial. So, I guess, I still have to wait to be manually approved. The only frustrating part is that I'd like to download a couple of assets, but constantly lose credit points because my internet acts up regularly, and once it's interrupted the download fails.

When I buy products from other stores they always allow at least 5 d/l, and that gives me a chance to see when the internet really doesn't work well, so I wait (usually until the next early morning when the internet generally works best here), and then I can complete my download. But with the download credit system and only one chance download, waiting until the next morning means I lose the credits of the day before (if I haven't lost them already with the failed download), which makes things a really slow process for me ...

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining at all. I've known this site long enough to be amazed at the generosity and openness here, and I'd still totally recommend pixelscrapper to others. By mentioning these issues, I only want to point out that there are problems that may not have been considered because they're not an issue with the Lerin's and whoever else works for this site. And since I'm sure they're always working behind the scenes to improve this site (which they've done an awesome job with over the last couple of months), I just wanted to share my concerns (that may also apply to other people).

Anyways, thanks a lot for all you guys are doing to make this site an exciting experience.

Thanks for letting us know about your trouble Sula. As our (awesome) moderators have pointed out, Marisa and I were traveling for the last ten days, but are back now, and getting back to work.

I agree that it would be a good idea to allow people to download things more than once, in case they have difficulties. The difficulty from our standpoint is that we pay directly for every download (even if you've already downloaded the item in question), hence the credit system to keep our costs in check. Being able to download the same item multiple times without being charged credits may need to be reserved for people who make donations, for this reason, but at the same time we definitely want you to be able to download more than one item a day!

Anyway, thanks again for posting, and we'll definitely be thinking about how best to handle this...

@Sula: Haven't fixed the bigger issue yet, but I've given you 20 extra download credits for now to help make up for your difficulties smiley

You guys are really so helpful. I totally understand your point of view, and thinking about it, it makes complete sense to me if you want to give donators more privileges. I actually think that's a great idea! And thank you so much for the extra credits. Now I understand where they come from, even though I wasn't expecting anything at all (and will not in the future). Thanks for your generosity, and I hope you guys had a great trip!