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Downloads didn't download

I downloaded stuff this morning with my 6 credits. The first 2 items were fine but the second 2 didn't actually download (I searched the entire computer and they are no where). But I can't re-download them because it says I need to donate to be able to redownload. I also realized that I am missing a file that I downloaded on 12/14. These files are nowhere! Not in my trash, not in my download history of my browser. Can I get these 3 items back?

Sorry for the trouble Alison. You can re-download those items by clicking on the download button again: the note about donating just means that donators get to re-download for "free" (no need to use download credits). I've given you some bonus download credits that you can use to re-download those items.

Have you run into this issue before, or is this a new problem? Can you tell me what browser and operating system you are using? Please visit and make sure that your browser is up to date.

All the best.

Thanks Jordan! I don't see my bonus credits, just my normal 6 for today. I am using Google Chrome on a Mac and it's up to date. I also have Safari if that would work better. I only started using Pixel Scrapper in the past couple of weeks so I can't really say if it's a one time issue or not. I will reply here if I continue to have problems.

I had the same problem again today with 3 items. Next time I will try it in Safari to see if it doesn't happen there.

Sorry for the continued trouble, Alison. I would suggest seeing if you have better results with a different browser (although Chrome normally works great for me). I will be re-vamping the download process in the near future to try and fix these kinds of issues. I've just given you some more bonus download credits, but be aware that they might take a day or two to show up in your account.

Hi Jordan,

Download Tiny, But Mighty Bundle has nothing to download.

Hi Beverly,

Where you´re seing this bundle? As Jordan and Marisa are still on vacation, I was willing to try downloading myself to check if it downloads or not here, but I didn´t find it...

Hi Lorien,

Not sure what you mean. Can you see where Janet Scott has tried to put a Bundle? Or the downloads are just not there.

All the best,

Hi Beverly,

Now I see it. Janet still haven´t uploaded the kits to the site, that´s why you´re seeing the error notice. I suppose that either they´re big files that are still being uploaded or she lost internet connection and will fix it as soon as she can. Anyway, I´ll try to contact her.

Yep, there was a slight hiccup there: that bundle should not have been published yet. It will be coming shortly!

Thanks for reporting this, and sorry for the delay.

Thanks Jordan smiley