Error when attempting to upload to the gallery

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Error when attempting to upload to the gallery

I have applied for access to the gallery, and got the email saying I was approved. I watched the tutorial on how to upload, and understood it. However, Every time I try to upload a picture into the gallery, I get the following error after hitting the "Upload" button next to "Choose File":

"An AJAX HTTP error occurred. HTTP Result Code: 408 Debugging information follows. Path: /file/progress/1730684208 StatusText: Request Timeout ResponseText: Request unsuccessful. Incapsula incident ID: 0-135496747793973319"

This has happened 4 or 5 times, and I have yet to have a successful gallery upload.

I know that you guys are in the middle of a move, so please don't feel a rush to respond to me. I was just hoping someone would have a suggestion for me.


Thanks for reporting this, April (and sorry for your troubles). Can you tell me what browser and operating system are you currently using? My first suggestion would be to try using a different web browser to do the uploading... (Chrome, if you aren't already using it, or Firefox). Let me know if that makes a difference.

Is anyone else having this issue?

I'm using Windows 7 and Chrome. I tried using Firefox, and it acted like it was going to upload, and then gave me an error saying the file size was to big. The file was a 600x600 px and 273kb jpeg.

Any other suggestions for me? Sorry!

Sorry about that April. That's very strange that it told you that the file was too big, as it can be much larger both in terms of dimensions and file size... I'm not quite sure what's going on here, though I suspect it's somehow related to your computer... is there any other computer you can use to try and upload, to see if that works for you? That will at least give me a little more insight...

Hopefully we can get this solved!

After googling it for a bit today, it seems that it is a conflict with windows 7. There is a big complicated fix that can be implemented by changing some files around etc but I'm not sure it is worth it. I've been enjoying the site just fine without having to post layouts smiley

Thank you for looking at it, maybe it will resolve when windows gets an update!

Hi April, I'm so sorry about the complication with Windows 7, but don't give up! If an update corrects the situation please upload your layouts as we'd love to see them!! smiley I love learning from other members layouts and it's really helped me grow creatively!

I saw somewhere, people posting pics of their layouts but hosting them somewhere else such as photobucket. I may do that smiley

This fix this morning fixed my issue!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I can finally upload to the gallery!! *happy dance*

Great! Please let me know if you experience any trouble in the future.