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Hi Jordan

Really sorry to be a pain but I went to your Face Book page before logging into the site. The page I came to from FB said the papers were '0' points but that I needed to log-in to download - which I did but then the item became 15 Points! I downloaded but if they were meant to be free any chance I could have 15 points back...please

BTW I haven't been able to get on the net for a while - the site is really rocking!!


@Mary: What they mean by Free is that you don't have to pay for the download credits... you earn credits to download with everyday just for being a part of the website here to get free gifts with. However, if you become a sponsor of the site they give you bonus download credits that never expire and you get the privilege of downloading entire kits at a discounted amount of credits per item as a grouping. Instead those like me who aren't yet supports only get "x" amount to use for download each day... not enough to download larger kit sets. We have to download individual pieces for 1-3 download credits. So, it takes us a little longer to get the entire kit.

Hope this explanation helps. smiley

Exactly what Shawna said. Sorry if the system seems confusing and/or misleading to you. We don't want it to be either smiley . If you have any ideas about how we can improve it so that it is more clear, please let us know.

Thanks both. I don't think there was/is a problem with the site but a odd link up between Facebook and main site - and being logged in or not. I think the way the site is coming along is brilliant. It's a nice place to be/visit.