Flower templates in jpg format?

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Flower templates in jpg format?

I downloaded 3 flower templates a while ago, Paper flower with sparkles 1, 2, & 3. Today I wanted to use them, but just realized they are jpeg with white backgrounds and shadows, which makes them not really usable without having to extract them. I'm ok doing that myself, but just wanted to point that out to Marisa just in case someone else who isn't quite familiar with their graphics software downloads them and won't be able to use them. Just a thought, but I downloaded them for commercial use. Is it at all possible to get them as layered psd files instead of flat?

Sorry about that Cat, those were some old templates and they must have lost their zip files at some point. I no longer actually have the files, so I've deleted the templates, and given you some download credits so you can choose something else. Thanks for pointing them out!

Oh thank you! I didn't want you to think I was complaining because I really appreciate all the free stuff you provide. Its really great! I just didn't want someone who didn't have the experience with how to extract or remove the background to get upset with them. I, on the other hand, spend way too much time playing with this stuff, so I know how to get around most problems. smiley

Thanks again, Marisa!