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Free Kit after survey

I am new to Pixel scrapper so must have missed the link to download the free kit after I filled out the survey, could anyone help and tell me where I can find it. Thanks.

Gillian: I just saw your question on the blog and this was my response over there.

@Gillian: The link was on the very last page after the survey when it said thanks for participating, here's your kit. smiley If you closed the page you may try to go to your internet history and see if you can pull that page back up. If not, you may try to Private Message Marisa on her page here: (There's a link that says contact) and see if they can help you from that end.

But I'm sure they will see it in here too. smiley I imagine if you can't get to it in your history, they will try to help you out when they see this. smiley

Just sent you an email Gillian.

I am wondering how long the survey is supposed to be I answered questions for almost 45 minutes and still hadn't come to the end... then I had to do some other things and lost the connection... do I need to start over and how long should I plan for it?

Hi Linda, I just sent you an email.

Thanks Jordan I got it!