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Gallery Uploads ... questions

So, when we upload images to the gallery, it shows the necessary image specs. It tells us a page should be at least 800x800 (1000x1000), but what if the page is an odd size (like I sometimes create A4 pages that I upload)? Then it would be 800x1... (thousand something ...). My first question: will the gallery accept images that are larger than 1000, or how does it work (because it wouldn't upload if it's smaller than 800)?

Also, would it be possible to allow 700 as well? Most galleries work on 700x700, which means for pixelscrapper alone we always have to create an extra copy of 800x800 or larger.

And lastly, I seem to have problems getting the upload page to work properly. Often I have to hit refresh up to 10x until the editable page finally shows up (if not, it'll just show the three uploading tabs without actually tabs, just plain text without any clickable buttons). Is that just an internet issue on my side?

For non-square images, the resolution limits/requirements are for the longer edge of the image.

I've changed the resolution requirements to allow 700x700 pixels (the help text isn't updated yet, but should be shortly).

As far as having to hit refresh so many times on the upload page, we haven't experienced any problems there, which leads me to think it's probably an issue with your internet connection... do you have similar issues with any other sites, or does Pixel Scrapper seem to have more trouble loading than others? Sorry for the trouble smiley

(If anyone else is having a similar issue with pages not loading, please let us know).

Thanks for the input smiley

I just have to say: you guys are awesome, awesome! Thanks for all your hard work!