Hard to display images at Pixel Scrapper

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Hard to display images at Pixel Scrapper

Hi. In these one or two weeks, it's hard to display images at Pixel Scrapper (especially images of assets, templates, kits, layouts), however, images are displayed normaly at other sites.
Depending on time, images are displayed normaly (for example, on 12pm MST) at Pixel Scrapper, but in most of time, it's hard to display them.
Before one or two weeks ago, they were dislayed normaly in any time at Pixel Scrapper.

I usually use Google Chrome and Windows XP.
This problem wasn't solved even when I clear cashes and cookies on Google Chrome.
When I tried to access to Pixel Scrapper on IE 8 once, images at Pixel Scrapper were displayed normaly, however, I couln't download assets on IE 8, because IE 8 blocked to download and I don't know how to unset blocking downloading on IE 8.
I'd like to use Google Chrome at any time, at any sites.
Could you fix this problem, please?

Hi Meimi, sorry for the trouble smiley . Please take a look at the tips in this article: http://feedback.pixelscrapper.com/knowledgebase/articles/352532-general-tip-to-fix-many-problems-update-or-reset

Hi Jordan, thank you so much for telling me about the page that I didn't know.
I had checked my browser that is up-to-date, but I hadn't realised the method that resetting Google Chrome, so I reset it.
For now, the problem hasn't happened yet.
If it would happen again, I will tell you.
Thank you so much for your help smiley