"hearted" a forum thread, shows as blank space

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"hearted" a forum thread, shows as blank space

Last week I "hearted" a forum thread and when I go look through the hearts on my profile, it just shows as a blank space.

I just wanted to let you know. I'll check back to see if you need anymore info.

Thanks Catherine: that's super helpful! I've fixed the hearts page, so that forum posts will no longer show up there (as blank entries).

Glad I could help!

So where do "hearted" forum posts show up? Or will that be part of the coming system?

@Catherine: right now hearted forum posts do not show up anywhere: it's just a way to "like" or "vote for" a forum topic. That may change in the future.

Thanks Catherine and Jordan for the information!! When I read Catherine's question I didn't know the answer.