Help Me Find Grouped Templates, Earn Bonus DC

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Help Me Find Grouped Templates, Earn Bonus DC

A few templates have come to my attention as having the layers grouped, which makes them unusable in Photoshop Elements. I fix them when people point them out to me, but I know there are more out there. So I'm making a competition to get everyone to help me out.

First, here's what you're looking for:

In Photoshop:

In Photoshop Elements:


  1. If you are the first to bring a template to my attention I will give you double the DCs of that item, so you can download it again and download something else.
  2. To submit a template, leave the title/link below.

Fixed Templates

Layout Templates

Paper Templates

Other Templates

(Thanks so much for fixing these Marisa!)
Here is one that I have had problems with:

Layout 02

I spotted flower 21 because that was similar to your example but I don't understand the difference. Oddily enough Layout two mentioned above was one I saw this morning and thought I would download. Do you have to download them to find the problem? when I downloaded something else this morning a box came up which said I get 9 credits a day which I don't! I am not complaining of course because you are very generous anyway:) I keep meaning to make a list when I see something I like so when I have finished looking I can go back and download, but there is so much to see I don't seem to stop looking through! Again not a complaint!

Thanks! I've sent you both DC for your finding.

@Angela: Yes, you do actually have to download the stuff to see it, that's why it's a bit of a challenge to fix.

Got the extra DC Marisa...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Thank you for the extra DC, much appreciated x

One of the first I ever downloaded! Layout 145:

You may not count this but the paperclip templates were grouped, too. They have a little attached brad on top - I can't find them on the site now; they must have been a freebie at some point. If you don't want to count those since I can't seem to find them, that's fine!

These files have been checked and are Okay. layout63-malaysia01 layout137-versailles06 layout-xmas2011-01 marisalerin-layout195
marisalerin-layout227 marisalerin-layout304

I'm having trouble with marisalerin-circles28.psd

Here's another one: circles10.psd

also: marisalerin-argyle27-3.psd
and marisalerin-argyle26-3.psd
and marisalerin-argyle30-3.psd

also: marisalerin-stripes36.psd


I haven't found one yet but am wondering if there will be some way to re-download the fixed ones if we already downloaded them once. Or, will we just have to use points and download them again?

Here are the ones I found. I'll post additional files if I find anymore:






Has a shadow:

Has some kind of yellow paper along top of brad:

Date line only includes November (notified Marisa previously):

Templates, Sketch:













@Lady Phillippa: I've given you your DC, thanks! Those brad clips you mentioned aren't on the site yet, but when I put them I'll be sure to take the group out.

@Lizzy Ann: Thanks! I've given you DC.

I had these listed under the names Tissue Paper Flower 12 & 13 but they look like these. I am sure if they are or not.

Tissue Paper Flower Teal

Tissue Paper Flower 2

@Cindy: A lot of those didn't seem to have any problems. If you're having issues opening the .7z extension see here. I did give you some DC for the ones you found.

@Lana: Thanks! I've sent you DC.

Thanks again Marisa!

Hi Marisa,

All of the ones I listed are "flattened" into one piece. Can't click on individual pieces of any of them. For example, marisa-lerin-swirl-heart-mask-template-hearts-swirls-commercial-use is in .jpeg format, rather than .png format.


P.S. No issues opening the zip files.

Thank you very much for the DCs! Awesome! smiley

Wow, thanks! Will keep my eyes peeled!

Hi Marisa!

I left some in the comments of each item a few weeks ago. I'll try to find them again.


If I find any more I'll post them here. Thanks!