Help Me Find Grouped Templates, Earn Bonus DC

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Thanks for the DC! smiley

@Cindy: The Swirl Mask must already have been fixed at some point.

@ Marisa: I have a maybe somewhat "silly" question... If we own some of these and they are flattened... are they still usable in PSCS5. Will I be able to use them? Do, I need to go check? I haven't went through them all, I mean per' se opening them within PSCS to see if they work. Will we need to re-download these for them to work for us? {please pardon my ignonrance on this "grouped" items issue} and thanks for explaining to me in advance. LoL

@Cameron: Thanks! I sent you some DC (the argyle had already been mentioned by someone).

@Lizzy Ann: Thanks, got paper flower 10!

@Shawna: You shouldn't have any problem with the grouped layers. You'll just see a little folder icon which you can open by clicking on the arrow:

Oop just saw that one listed in the comments..sorry! I will have to go and redownload! smiley

Thanks for the DC! I have a toddler so I forgot to go check what other people had listed already. smiley If I find any more I'll let you know. I *love* your templates, I'm doing Project Life with my own designs this year and it's so fun to make my own paper each month with your handy-dandy templates. smiley

Yes, it must have because I just re-downloaded the new one, and it works. Thank you! All of the ones I listed previously were in the same format or flattened.

I'm not sure if the felt corner is a grouped template but I'm having a problem trying to recolor it. Where can I get help on this? When I downloaded the felt template, it was blue. One layer has the color with some type of fx added. I try to recolor it and get a blue edge. It seems like it's the fx that is interfering but I'm not sure. Any help would be appreciated.

The bevel is colored blue:

I'm using PSE. How can I change the color of the bevel? I guess I'm not sure what to do with it at this point.
I tried to simplify the layer to get rid of the fx. Then I could add a bevel after I recolored the triangle. Is that what I need to do?

I think if you just turn the bevel off and then turn it back on it will come back as gray-scale.

@Marisa: I don't know anything about grouping (yet) you think this will this be a problem for me in PSP? Will I need to re-download any of these items?

@Lizanne: That I couldn't say. I started a thread here asking for advice.

Thank you, Marisa - I really appreciate it smiley

I have had this Bottle Cap for a year or so...I cannot use it as it is grouped and I have PSE

This brad is in a set of three. I have them for a while. The set is named Pixel scrapper day11-brad-templates and this one that is grouped is called brad-set3-pewter-a.psd. I couldn't find it in the shop but I know it came from you.

@Connie: The bottle cap I fixed recently, so it should work for you.

The pewter brads aren't on the site yet, as I gave them away as a special freebie during Christmas. So in that case you'll just have to wait until I actually put them on the site.


Still going through my ps collection of graphics...found these, in addition to the previous ones I posted:






Thanks Cindy. All the things you posted are either assets, and therefor flattened jpg/png, or else they are very old items from the old site that don't exist anymore. Also, I think that last one may not even be mine.

Found another today! I noticed Lou Anne mentioned this a couple posts up, but the template I had that was grouped was the grayscale template, and it was the stitching that was grouped.

Felt corner template

@Lady: Template fixed! Thanks!


Cambodia 09 (not seeing it on site) FYI
Cambodia 42 (not seeing on site) FYI

Merry Christmas (Not seeing on site) FYI

Thanks Liz. I will hopefully get to these soon.