Help Me Find Grouped Templates, Earn Bonus DC

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Thanks Danielle! I fixed it and gave you some extra DC.

117 - Title
Gingham kit - first two templates
Paisley 06 - (link box not working for me today)

Hi Marisa,

I downloaded a paper template that opens just as a jpg. image so I cannot open the layers to colour the different rows of stars which is what I wanted to do.

(Stars 15b Paper template) Also
psd zip file (half inch diagonal gingham paper template) opens just as a flattened image, no layers, also
psd zip file (half inch gingham paper template) opens as a flattened image, again no layers.


Thanks Linda! I've fixed those and sent you some extra download credits.

I'm not sure if this counts but layout 128 is a collage of 9 photos but all the photos are in one layer so I would only be able to clip one photo broken into 9 pieces, instead of 9 separate photos. It doesn't have the little icon, though, it just looks like it's a flattened layer.

@Lady: Thanks for pointing that out. When I made the layer, I just resized my photos to fit in the spaces, but I've gone ahead and separated the layers to make it easier.

Yay, thanks! I would never be able to resize them quite so nicely as clipping them.

Hi Marisa,

I'm not sure if this one applies, but within the PSD file for medium-ribbon-polka-dots-01 #4066, I find that the polka dot layer can be viewed only but not change the color of the dots. Only the background color and texture layers can be changed. Thanks!

@Cathy: That's strange. Are you using Photoshop, or something else?

I know it's weird, but that layer is locked when I try to make a color change. All it wants to do is recolor or texturize the background but not the dots. I don't understand it, unless there's something I'm not seeing that should be obvious. I'm using Photoshop Elements 11. Any ideas would be most helpful.

@Cathy: I sent you an email with a modified ribbon to see if that works.

Definitely. Thank you, Marisa. I really like this one and was unsure if it was going to work for the ideas I had in mind. I appreciate the revised version and look forward to using it now! Have a blessed day smiley