how to start ?

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how to start ?

I'm new around here , I use PowerPoint to create my designs, I want to use some other program which I recommend keeping it simple ? smiley

Hello Geovanna! Welcome to Pixel Scrapper and to the digital scrapbook world!

The support forum is for requests of help when something on the website isn´t working. Your question would fit better in Software Specific Questions forum, so I´m moving it there - I hope you don´t mind!

Most of us use either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe photoshop Elements. There are some people that use Paint Shop Pro (from Corel) or GIMP (open source software) and others use simpler and cheaper softwares that are made only for creating Digital Scrapbook pages, and don´t support other kinds of design works.

Also, you will probably get useful feedback on these useful topics:

I hope it will help you getting started smiley

Hi Lorien ! Thank you very much that cute ! 'll check the options smiley

Greetings. smiley

Hi Geovanna, I use CraftArtist 2 Pro, which is super simple to use

plus they have a bunch of tutorials to help you

Geovanna, PowerPoint is great for presentations and for slides, but it is not the greatest to put together page designs. It does have its limitations. Lórien has steared you in the right direction. If you have any more questions on this subject, please post it to one of the other discussions that Lórien referenced. I am going to close this thread.

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