I did not receive my dcs for today

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I did not receive my dcs for today

Are we suppose to get our 10 dc points today? I did donate, but did not get the 10 dc points.

Hi Beverly. I just checked, and you currently have have 60 DC total in your account. 50 of those DC are purchased DC that you got from donating (thanks so much!), and 10 are your free daily DC. In order to get more free daily DC you will need to spend the free DC already in your account, because free daily download credits do not accumulate. If you spend 10 DC (or more), then you will get 10 more DC overnight. Does that make sense?

For more information, you can check out the help page at http://www.pixelscrapper.com/support/nuts-bolts/download-credits-and-community-points .

P.S. Please address any further free daily download credit inquiries to the dedicated thread found here.

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