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Trouble downloading

So, I've been hanging around pixelscrapper for a while (so I'm pretty familiar with the place). And I'm so so thankful for people like Marisa who are so generous to share all these goodies with us. I use stuff from this website (along with my own assets and papers), to create kits which I share as freebies on my blog (So I'm not earning any money with what I get from here).

The problem is that it happens more often than I like that I download an asset or paper from this site, and it marks it as downloaded, but nothing has actually happened, that is: the download was processed as "downloaded" on this site but the download never started in reality. (I just had that happen with two assets today). Or, on other occasions, the download starts but due to poor internet connection (something I'm plagued with and can't change) it will interrupt. I don't mind losing my credit points for the downloaded product, because I can always come back the next day, so I can live with that limitation. What really troubles me is the fact that once a product is marked as "downloaded" on my account, I don't get to get another chance to redownload an interrupted download, or download one that never actually started on my side (like those two lovely assets I was hoping to get today and now have lost forever). So more often than not, I don't dare to download a product at all, because my internet connection that day is so poor that I know I'll lose both the download and my right to try again, which makes me feel like I'm losing double! I understand that the Lerins' want to keep an eye on what's being downloaded how often each day, but this limitation of not being able to actually download what I was supposed to be allowed to download really is something that bugs me sometimes, esp. on days like today (because I'm not simply trying to take advantage of what's offered here, I take from here so that I can give away in return). So maybe there's something that could be worked out for cases where a download wasn't actually processed properly.

Here's a link to my blog, if you want to take a look at what I do with the stuff I get from here, btw:
(And though unnecessary, I always give credit to pixelscrapper in the txt file I include in every download on my page, because I want to honor this place.)

I came in here today to report exactly the same issue
where it says I have downloaded the items but the download does not start
And last night all the items I downloaded said they fully downloaded eg: 128 mb of 128 mb
but when I opened the zip files I got errors and half the file was missing
It was downloading at a reasonable rate so I didnt think it was due to poor connection
I am on prepaid wireless and only get 6 gig for a month so I cannot afford to be downloading files this big repeatedly smiley
I would appreciate any help

I'm very sorry to hear about the trouble downloading. We always appreciate hearing about things that aren't working properly, so that we can do our best to fix them!

For people (like Sula) who are encountering downloads being marked as "downloaded" by the site, but the file never actually starts downloading, it would be helpful if you could answer these questions:

  1. Is this a consistent problem for you, or something that happens every once in a while? Out of ten download attempts, how many would you say the download does not start? (1 out of 10 don't download, or 5 out of 10 don't download, etc.)
  2. When did you join Pixel Scrapper (approximately), and has this been a problem since you first joined, or something that started more recently?
  3. What browser and operating system are you using? Have you tried using a different web browser to see if that helps at all?

If you haven't tried this already, I would suggest trying a different web browser just to see if that mitigates the problem or not. If you could try a different browser and let me know if it makes any difference, that would be helpful for troubleshooting (I'm not saying that you should permanently change which browser you use: just try another browser to see if it makes a difference for this problem to help me troubleshoot).

@Michelle: your issue is slightly different, as the downloads are starting for you (correct?), but then when you try to open the file you get error messages. It would be helpful if you could answer the questions above. Also:

  1. When you try to re-download a file that is causing problems, does it sometimes work after you re-download it, or not?
  2. Can you provide links to a couple of items that you have had this problem with?

For people encountering downloads sometimes not starting, please also note that hope to soon be implementing unlimited re-downloading for everyone: so everyone will be able to re-download any item that the site records you as having downloaded, without using any additional download credits.

Jordan yesterday I had both problems
I started these downloads here:
Out of the 4 parts of the bundle I downloaded
2 said they fully downloaded but the zips had errors and were either empty or nearly empty
When I tried to redownload I has the same issue as Sula,
it kept saying the download had started but nothing happened
I am using Firefox and have been using it all month and never had an issue prior to today
I am trying to re-download now and the download has started ok so I am just waiting to see how the file turns out

Hi Jordan, I encountered the same problem like Sula on 24th and 25th October.

When I clicked download button, the page was reloaded automatically, from yesterday, and was marked as "downloaded" by the site but the file never actually starts downloading.
Until yesterday, even when I clicked download buttons, pages weren't reloaded automatically, so, when I succeeded downloading, unless I click reload button, the message "downloaded" wasn't marked.

I couldn't get free daily DC for 23rd October as some of the Pixel Scrapper users too, I got extra 10 DC (thank you, Jordan), but I failed to download 9 times out of 14(for my 24th Oct DC). I got 6 daily DC for 25th Oct about 100 minutes ago, but I'm afraid to fail downloading again, so I haven't tried to download for 25th Oct.

I joined Pixel Scrapper 1 year ago, this problem started yesterday.

I usually use Google Chrome and Windows XP, but I tried to use IE8 yesterday after I failed to downloads on Google Chrome, but I failed again by using IE8.

In addition, even when I failed to download, the message of nuance for "Your download was successful" was displayed in a green box. (Sorry I don't remember exact message).

Thank you so much for your help and efforts.

Sorry if my English is strange, I'm not a native English speaker.

Jordan, I'm so thankful for what you guys are doing here, so please don't take this as us complaining! Really, if anything, you guys are my big heroes, I'm tremendously thankful, and I do recommend this place to others, too. Like I said, I'm not asking you to give me extra credits, because I can come back another day (and the credit system is a very reasonable way of doing things here), but getting those extra credits just shows how generous you guys really are!

I've registered with pixelscrapper at least two years ago (maybe longer, not sure any more), and when you guys changed the system last year, I reregistered again, if I remember correctly). This hasn't been a consistent problem (has happened maybe 5x, but more often recently, which is why I decided to come here and post about it). I use the safari web browser and no, I haven't tried any other one. Anyway, if you guys are planning to change the system to allow re-downloads soon, there's nothing else for me to remark here, because then I could try those lost assets another time. I don't mind losing the credits for a broken download once in a while, as long as I can still try getting that asset another day.

By the way, have you thought of enabling redownloads, but limiting them to 5-10 downloads for each product, like most other stores do? I think that would be very reasonable. Then you could leave the unlimited download option to paying subscribers, but people who encounter problems with their first download still get another shot at it!

Hi, I too am having the same difficulty and decided to date and mark the items that I had this problem with first on 10/22 and now again on 10/25.
1. On the 22nd I only download about 10 items and had it happen 2 times. Today about 10 items this morning where it didn't happen at all. Then tonight I cam back and downloaded one item and it happened on the first time. So this is when I thought I would check to see if anyone else was having this issue. I hadn't been too worried about it since I have unlimited PU. But I can't download the item which makes me sad. However, today I actually asked for the CU item rather than PU and lost 3 download credits.
2. This just started on the 22nd of October, I joined approximately 1/31/2013 and never had this happen until 10/22/13. I moved over to unlimited PU in September.
3. I use Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7 operating system.
4. When this happens it does everything properly but trigger the save/open/cancel box that appears at the bottom of my screen. Credits leave, Asset is marked with the date downloaded and how long and for how many times I can download it in the future. When I try to download the item again it still does not trigger the download box that appears at the bottom of my screen. Also-I did happen to notice that when a download works properly the entire Pixel Scrapper asset page reloads twice but when it doesn't work properly it only reloads once.

Is it possible that when you implemented the messages that show up immediately after you download an unlimited item, this could have triggered this in some way? Just a guess, only because I hadn't been getting those messages unless I refreshed the asset page but now they are happening immediately. I could be completely off but it seemed like the time frame correlated the two. But I can't say for sure.

Here are the items I had problems with and the dates:
10/22 Layout Template 406
10/22 Tag Shape 31 - Layered B
10/25 Texture Border 03--You have already downloaded this item for commercial use. You may re-download it for free 4 more times through Nov 25 2013.

Good luck, I look forward to what you may find out. smiley Kristine

FYI- I have never had an error downloading a file from Pixel Scrapper. I have had this happen elsewhere on other sites but never at Pixel Scrapper. The only time I have ever had a problem downloading here is if my download is interrupted or stops in the middle and it is due to my internet Satellite performance. I have tracked it myself. My files always have the files in them if the download box appears here.

Today I downloaded the marble template from Janet Scott. I did not receive the template only the picture of the marble.

Hi Jordan,
In my case the file starts to download but that bar pops up that says security protection so Internet Explorer won’t let you download this file. So I right click on it and click on the download file link and it lets me, on every other site this happens at. But it did not start downloading the files. This has never happened before to me ever. Just started on 10/24/13 and is still is happening on 10/27/13. I joined a long time ago and never had this problem. I am using Win XP and Internet Explorer 8. I have not used another browser and this might sound rude but I will not spend months learning how to use a new browser (I have a friend who business is computers and he showed me the different ones and I don’t like than and there is a lot of glitches and or things it won’t do, etc) When this problem has been with a lot of other people around the same time as me. I have only tried to download 3 files a few times and never got 1 downloaded.

Thank you,

Thanks all for the helpful reports.

I did make a change around 10/23 that would reload the page immediately after the download started to show the "already downloaded" message. This seems to have caused some trouble for some of you, so I have reverted that change.

Please let me know if downloads are working better now, or if you are still having trouble.

Hey Jordan, today I was able to download with no issues. Everything was back to normal. Thank you for taking care of the problem. Hopefully the reversion you made has helped the others encountering this issue as well.

Hi Jordan, I also had an uneventful day with no downloading issues. Thanks so much for your prompt attention. You take such good care of us and Pixel Scrapper! Thank you very much!

Hi Jordan, though I had been having troubles with downloads since 24 to 28 October, but I don't have troubles with downloads since 29 Oct.
Thank you so much for solving the problem.

Jordan it is all downloading fine now
Thank you xx