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Kit previews

I've been slowly trying to collect some of the marvellous kits that have been around for a while and I've been trying to find a kit preview for them. I like to set the preview as the folder so that I can see at a glance what I'm looking for in my huge stash of supplies. There used to be previews for some of the older kits (Versailles, Belgium, Cambodia, Budapest etc...) on the kits page but once the ability to actually download a kit (Desert Spring, Superlatives and other newer ones) became available, all the old previews disappeared. Can anyone help me find them!?!


They can be found HERE at Marisa and Jordans flickr smiley

Here's a more direct link to them on Flickr since we have a lot of stuff:

Also, a lot of them are on my Facebook page too.

Thank you, I went through both and still can't find a preview for either the Cambodia Kit or the Belgium Kit. Am I blind?

Wait, found Belgium, still can't find Cambodia. I need a travel agent.

My Cambodia Kit was really massive, and I never made a preview for it. Nor did I for Taiwan, Vietnam, or Malaysia. When I republish them I'll be making the previews. The best you could do for now is download a layout from that kit, although since the kit was so big it's hard to find a good representation in a single layout. I'll probably be breaking the kit down into small more manageable chunks when I re-release it.

I have noticed how gigantic the cambodia kit is! Ok, I'll watch for a preview when you re-release. Thanks much! Love your kits, Marisa.