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loggin in

i am unable to stay logged in
use firefox as browser

Hi Zanthia, sorry for the trouble smiley

Can you please give me a bit more info about the problem... when you say you are unable to stay logged in, do you mean that when you come back the next day, for example, you are logged out? Or do you mean that you log in, and then try to access another page, and find yourself logged out right away?

Hopefully we can get this fixed soon!

when i come back the next day i am logged out

Okay, I see. Yes, our site is currently set up to log people out after a few hours, for accounts security... we are considering implementing a "remember me" feature for people who would like to stay logged in for longer periods of time. Thanks for the feedback!

that is strange - never seen a site tha t doesnt let you stay logged in - i have to go to another browser to fidn the logged in button as it is hidden in firefox and then copy it to firefox.

Hi Zanthia. Many sites log users out after a certain amount of time to help increase account security (all financial websites do that, for instance). But I realize a "remember me" feature would be nice if you are not concerned about account security, so that is something that is on our list to implement!

As far as the log in button being hidden in Firefox, that is a bug of some sort. Can you please post a screenshot of what you are seeing in Firefox? I'd love to get that fixed!

I logged in and downloaded the ps_sheila-reid_ohluckyday_elements kit just fine. But when I clicked on the Oh Lucky Day paper kit in the bundle, I was no longer logged in, and the button that normally is labeled Download was labeled Register to Download. When I clicked on that, my browser froze and I had to Force Quit to get out of all the strange windows that appeared. I'm using Mac OSX 10.6.8 and Safari 5.1.10. I seem to get that Register to Download consistently on that same paper kit.

Sorry about that, Diana smiley ... that's strange behavior. I just tested a couple of different accounts in a couple of different browsers, and was not able to reproduce that. Can you try resetting Safari to see if that solves the problem (see instructions at http://support.apple.com/kb/ph5043 ).

Otherwise, you could try using a different browser temporarily, and see if that fixes it (if so, then it is probably an issue with Safari needing to be reset).

Hi Jordan! Well whatever was causing the problem then is no longer a problem now. Fixed! Thank you!