Marking File Types in Zipped Folders

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Marking File Types in Zipped Folders

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this. I just viewed the Plastic Frame Templates Kit. I'm not an Adobe user so it's important for me to know the file type to know if it will be something I can work with in Serif PhotoPlus. Am I missing the info in this download description? It says the file is available zipped but I need to know if it's a .psd or .png file (or another format). I have a run across a couple of these (but I didn't take note). If this info is posted somewhere else, please let me know. Thanks so much!

Sorry about that Charlene. We will work on marking them better, although for now you can assume that if something looks layered, it will be a layered .PSD

Hi Charlene, I've given you some extra download credits to help make up for the misunderstanding... we will try to do a better job labeling those in the future.

Thanks Marisa and Jordan. You guys are amazing! Would it be helpful if when I came across kits or assets without the file-type, I posted a link? If that is helpful, please advise where to post. Thanks again! I wondered about the extra DC!!! Happy Friday!