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New system?

So I have noticed that you now have to donate in order to download. How does this work? Once I donate will downloads be unlocked or will I have to donate every time I want to download something?

Donating isn't a requirement to be able to download things. I think perhaps you should read more about download credits and community points here and it should help clear up your confusion.

Hope it helps!


You're welcome. I was pretty confused about everything at first as well.

Sorry for the confusions (and thanks for stepping in to clarify Sharilynn).

Do you guys have any suggestions about how we could make things more obvious/clear? We'd prefer for new users not to be confused smiley

Can´t it just be added to that tutorial for newcomers you made? You can just explain very quickly that every one can download individual pieces, but we have the option to download full kits if you donate...

I guess people get confused because when they think on "download scrapbook suplies" the first thing that comes in mind is that they come in kits, in a way that "download scrapbook supplies" = "download kits or minis". The fact that there are the previews of the kits on the sidebar probably don´t help to take this idea from mind.

What about changing the landing page from "download your own freebies" to "download the assets you really need"? Because, in my opinion, the advantage of downloading single things (yes, there is an advantage!) is that your HD is not clogged with elements you won´t use, but don´t want to discard not to separate the kit (because then you think "what if in the future I need the full kit and it´s not available anymore?"

Jordan - I try to help when I can smiley

I think it'd be a good idea to have a page that says "start here" or "newbies" something of that sort where people who have just joined or are confused can go see everything explained. I don't think most people will go to look for the info pages on DC and CC and they're pretty hidden. I think having a 'start' page up in the tabs would be super helpful. I asked my fiance to navigate the site since he hasn't been on it before and he said that the start page would be a great tool for new people.

OK Jordan, here are my ideas for improvement, I hope you can understand them.

On the Home page in the "Welcome" area and the link to read more of Marisa's post – maybe this post could be edited to include a link to the support page

The Home page also needs to have a ”blurb” - FREE Downloads - what does this mean and the appropriate link.
This "blurb" could be placed between Marisa’s Welcome “blurb” and “Currently Uploading”.

The link to "Help" pages at the top of every page - I would like to see this link go to here.

The support page will need to be updated with -
> FREE Downloads - what does this mean
There will then need to be a new page added explaining that single items are free to download (and how to get them) but if you wish to have the ability to download kits or bundles then that needs explaining.

Also, on the support page under Site Basics you have listed “Assets & Templates” maybe there should also be a page on “Kits & Bundles” added.

I also like Marisa's welcome post, maybe a link to that can also be added to the support pages.

Thanks for the ideas, everyone. We'll definitely try to improve the system. There is a new welcome page for new users that explains that kid downloads aren't free, but right now it's only been rolled out to some users... we'll see how things go when we roll that out to everyone...