Issue downloading "Tiny, but mighty" designer resources bundle

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Issue downloading "Tiny, but mighty" designer resources bundle

I'm trying to download this:

But there is no "separate parts" to download.. It says: Due to its large size, this bundle has been split into 0 parts. You can download each part by clicking on the download buttons below.

Hi Jessica,

I just checked it, and indeed, the kits aren´t uploaded. As I said to Beverly on other post, " I suppose that either they´re big files that are still being uploaded or she lost internet connection and will fix it as soon as she can. Anyway, I´ll try to contact her."

As soon as they are uploaded we´ll contact both of you...

Just to let you know that Janet I tried to contact Janet yesterday, but she didn´t replied me yet. I´m supposing she´s having some internet issue. Seems we´ll have to wait some more time.

It will be up soon!

Cant wait smiley Hope to see it soon smiley

How is it going? smiley

He Jessica: it looks like there is not a specific release date for this bundle yet. It should be coming soon, but I can't guarantee what day exactly...