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New to the site so I'm not sure, but...Is there anywhere where we are notified when someone comments or likes something of ours and also when someone responds to a post we've made? I've had people commenting on my things and I never received any sort of notification. That would be handy to have something like that. Either email or on our profile.

I don't think there is but I agree it would be nice.

No notification options currently, but that is something that's high on our to do list! If you would like to vote for this feature, you can "heart" the forum post here.

@Stefanee and @Sharron - one idea try for now, if you stop by PS once a day to use your daily download credits (DC), click through several of your most recent layouts in your own gallery and give a quick check to look for comments. we all enjoy positive feedback on our art work! it's very encouraging! smiley

OK Thanks, I have been scarce here this week because I was getting ready for company. Now that they have gone I can get back to playing

Also, you can check out your "manage layouts" page to see if you have any new comments on any of your layouts. See this post.