Notifications aren't... notifying? haha

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Notifications aren't... notifying? haha

When I click on the notifications speech bubble, I can still see the new ones. It's just that it's not "lighting up" pink with the # of new notifications.

Using firefox. smiley

Using Google Chrome and not seeing the notifications either, though they are there when I click the bubble.

lol - I don't have them at all yet smiley - hopefully they will be working right again soon

Thanks for reporting... I'll look into this.

They're working for me again. smiley

Thank you Jordan!!

Mine too! smiley

I am still very new to this site, what are notification speech bubbles? They sound like something that I am trying to figure out. I would like to know if there is a way that I can tell when someone has responded to my post.

@Tina: this feature is still being rolled out. It should get to you shortly smiley

Hi Jordan!

Just to let you know that the problem described on the first post is happening again...

Yep What Lorien said: I was stopping in to let you know that my notifications has quit working, too. smiley {approximately 3 days ago}
They are up there for the most part, but the bubbles not turning pink to let me know

I have the same problem since Monday, I'm not receiving any notification! smiley

Yep... a change I made recently must have backfired... I'll try to get this sorted as soon as possible.

looks like they're working again

Yeah, should be working now...

Mine too... I now how 58 notifications... whew... smiley LoL
Thanks for fixin' !! It's a very nice feature!

They started notifying this morning, but... the notifications button is gone now. It was up till 2 hours ago...

I'm not even seeing the notifications anymore smiley I really liked that feature.

My notification icon has completely disappeared! lol

Mine disappeared too smiley

Hm... I'll look into this. I made some more changes recently...

One thing to try is clearing your browser cache, see if that has any effect:'s-Cache

I just cleared mine and still no icon.

I too cleared my cache and no icon here either...

No luck with make my icon appear here either. I´ve tried Chrome and Firefox on Windows 7.

Can't believe how much I miss my bubble! I feel like I'm missing out on so many things I feel... Panic! smiley

Okay, issue should be fixed smiley

Yay! Couldn´t log in in PS for some time, but now that the site is back I have my missing bubble back smiley