Offsite Photo Links Not Working

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Offsite Photo Links Not Working


Amber has tried to share pictures from dropbox here in this post of a Valentine's Day card she made, since we don't allow anything but layouts in the gallery. But for some reason. The dropbox link keeps showing up as the little box and no picture. Can you help us figure it out? Is dropbox not a online source people can share jpgs from? Thanks for any direction for the next time so I can help out. smiley

Shawna, I replied in that post a how-to from dropbox. Hope it helps. If it isn't fully understandable, I can try to further explain. smiley

Thanks Judith! You're AWESOME!!! Now I know... (as Paul Harvey used to say... the REST of the story) smiley

You're welcome Shawna. So glad that I occasionally have an answer. smiley

Thanks for helping out, Judith! smiley