Ornamental Paper Template Kit : Access Denied

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Ornamental Paper Template Kit : Access Denied

Good Afternoon,

I was trying to get to the ornamental kit 1-10 via one of the paper pages (I could not find the entire kit in the search pages) and it gives me an error. Access denied. I have tried through the Ornamental 08 page, Ornamental 02 etc. The link that normally takes you to "See More" and the hyperlink "Ornamental Paper Templates 1-10 Kit" take me to the access denied page. Just curious if this is a glitch or if the papers are only available as a single download, not a kit anymore.

I DID read through the other issues, and could not find a post about this. So I apologize in advance if I did in fact miss it.

Thanks for your time, and efforts. I love this site. Truly appreciate all your hard work.

Hollie smiley

Was just coming to report this as well. I was looking at 05 and 03 so I think all the link to the kit are effected.

Sorry about that. I actually took the kit down because I wasn't happy with some of the overlays, so I've been working on them, but that's what was causing the problem.

I have reinstated it, so you should be able to see it now.

Oh thank you! I can't thank you guys enough for such a wonderful site smiley Have a great day!