Question about purchasing kits

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Question about purchasing kits

If I purchase a Cambodia paper kit, will the assets file know that I purchased those particular papers and not allow me to use credits to download the papers that are contained in the kit I purchased?

As far as I know, the systems doesn't know you already have the assets if you've purchased a full kit. The only way I've been able to keep track is to heart the individual pieces of a kit so that if I look at the pieces again with the mind to download them I will see the heart and know that I have it already. It took me a while to figure out a system - I must like quite a few things because I have duplicates of a lot of things from here. smiley

Thanks Cat

@Mary: Cat is correct; unfortunately the system isn't very smart at the moment smiley . The good news is that we will be working to make it smarter: in the future, items that are contained in kits that you have already purchased will be marked as such.