Searching for a particular asset

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Searching for a particular asset

Some time ago I found an asset on here that included 4 felt flowers. I downloaded and saved it, however my computer crashed and I lost all of my things. When I went to search for that particular one again, the only thing I could find was a 'photo' if you will of these flowers. When I try to use it on my pages, it shows up as a white square box with the flowers inside, not as an asset with a transparent background. The asset was called 'marisa-lerin-cloth-flowe-16---felt-template-flowers-embellishment-flower-commercial-use.jpg'. I'm wondering if you still have this somewhere? I was waiting until my daughter was born to specifically use these because I thought they were SO adorable! If you still have them, I'd LOVE to download them again! Thanks for your time and consideration!

Maggie: It depends on when you found it (how long ago). The new site has only been up about 3 months and about a month prior to that in Beta. So, it could be that the felt flowers you have are from the old blog style website Marisa had and just haven't been uploaded here to the new site as of yet.

I'm sure soon enough tonight or in the morning Marisa will see this and let you know for sure. smiley

That sounds like an old asset. When we transferred to the new site, I took down all assets that had more than one item in them, and have been replacing them with individual assets (so just one flower). The ones your talking about may or may not have been reuploaded yet, I'm working through all my old kits getting everything up. The image you're downloading now is just a jpg, which is why it has a white background.

These flowers may be the ones in the kit named Sofia
Any chance of uploading this kit soon smiley

Actually I think my Sofia kit hasn't been uploaded at all, so it probably wasn't in that one.

I'm guessing it was from one of my earlier Asian kits like Taiwan or Cambodia.

Thank you for your response. I am on here a couple times a day anxiously waiting to see what you put up next to download so I will keep a watchful eye smiley I have the jpeg image if you need a reference-I could email it to you if you want it. Just let me know. Thank you for your time and all that you do!

Old site Felt Flowers
These are really gorgeous smiley smiley

Yes-that's it! They are sooooo pretty! I actually made a few headbands for my daughter inspired by these smiley

Oh i remember these... I know i had them but i can't find them on my computer now smiley I hope they get reloaded here soon smiley

awww those are so stinkin cute... I want them, too!!! I never downloaded anything from the older site... stupid me. i just saved it as a bookmark for research later, all you lucky ladies with these cool older goodies!!! smiley