Should This Site Be Implemented into Facebook?

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Should This Site Be Implemented into Facebook?

Very important question: This site is quite impressive and has a good layout, how could it be beneficial to Facebook?

Leave it alone! I am annoyed by Facebook clutter as it is.

Moving this to feature requests. Feel free to weigh in if you have any thoughts the pros/cons of Facebook integration.

I´d never love this site as much as I do if it was integrated to facebook. Although I use it I´ll do it only if I try to contact someone through e-mail and phone and this person don´t answer me, or if I need to check event details and the event don´t have a proper blog/homepage. But sometimes I LOVE to spend months without Facebook, just using forums and e-mail discussion lists. Facebook really annoys me, because sometimes you want all the available information about something and it doesn´t show posts that are important for you... showing you that some old high school mate that you haven´t seen on the past 14 years had eaten pasta with coke istead....

Can someone tell me what is meant by integrated to facebook. I was under the impression we already have a presence on FB right here. ???

I'm not sure what it means either Shawna!

I might like the ability to share my gallery there. Of course, I can already copy and paste the link there if I wanted to, but it might be nice for the gallery photos to show up without having to additionally upload there too. Does that make sense? I would much rather have a personal app to be able to control the privacy settings though. I wouldn't want others to be able to share my stuff at will, but I guess anyone who is part of this forum could already do that if they wanted.

Could you explain more of what you're meaning by "Implemented"?

I for one wouldn't want to leave behind all the forums etc that Jordan has built, but if you are talking something like the way we can click through to Pinterest or Blogs....

Well I guess I'm interested to hear. But I agree with some others that Facebook can get very cluttered, and has a habit of changing things around, and updating things that just usually cause ME personally a hard time. They've messed up my chatting system at least 3 times in the last 4 years. Sometimes I would get some parts of a conversation, and other times nothing arrived. Also notifications of things posted on my wall/timeline have not been reliable.

Fully intregrating this site into facebook will ruin the site and all of the features. It will not allow us the freedom to enjoy all of the features that we now enjoy. Facebook would not be able to handle all of the features of this site.

Implemented or fully intregrated into. To transfer the presence of where the site now resides.

I think it is enough to have a presence on Facebook with links to the site

I 100% agree with Judy on this.

I just don't do facebook. Can't understand why so many are taken in by it ...except for mass marketing. It's disheartening to find that so many sites and blogs now expect their readers to go off to facebook to like them before being able to participate in certain things. So annoying and it cuts out a lot of people from being able to participate. I am anal about not joining lol ...if I am on a site or a blog - I am THERE - not wanting to go running off to fb where I don't want to be. I don't like its interface either lol ...Don't mean to sound grumpy about it, I just think its totally over rated

I would like a chance to have my layouts etc be posted to facebook etc, if theres a way to do that, as requested above. Still unsure about integrating...