Trouble Adding Photos & Links (Jordan)

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Trouble Adding Photos & Links (Jordan)

Jordan: This was posted by Angela over in one of the challenges and I'm not sure how to help her much further. smiley

Posts 28, 29, & 30 in the Bedouin Nights Challenge here smiley
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When I put in the URL it shows as text not picture. I was waiting for permission to upload to Gallery, but have done it today. Uploading to the Gallery was not a problem, it's uploading here I can't get to work.

Edited by Shawna: I fixed it for you Angela What you have to do is go to the page then, right click on the image, copy image URL and paste it in the area once you click the first icon on the left above your post. Here's the exact tutorial for next time. smiley
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Thank you Shawna. The trouble is I can't find the image URL by right clicking. I was using the http line at the top. I don't get an option to copy URL. I can find it in properties, but that doesn't work either. i must be doing something wrong, but I can't think what! I have even watched the tutorial! Now it seems I can't add a link either! Type the word - "here" Highlight it, add the URL to the link box, press OK - just the text line comes up!
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ummm almost sounds like it may be your browser... I can't remember the preferred for the site here. Jordan will be able to help you more when he logs in later at some point, but I'm using Chrome and it works for me by right clicking on top of the photo and it's about 4-5 options down the list. I'm sorry I don't know more to help you right now. if I figure it out before Jordan stops by again i'll come back and let you know. I'm gonna copy yours above and paste it over in the support forum to let him know you need help, too.

She needs any guidance you can give her. smiley

I think as Shawna said it's probably the browser you're using, so if you could let us know what you're using that would be a big help. We would recommend using Chrome for optimal use on this site (and most others).

Thanks for the help everyone. I am using Internet Explorer 9, I used Chrome on my last PC, but the guy who made my machine recommended this browser as I was having lot's of problems with the Internet with my last PC. It may have been the machine itself though. I am quite happy to install Chrome so I shall do that.

downloaded Chrome - still didn't work, shut down PC, restarted and yes it works. Thank you once again!!


Glad to hear that it's working now Angela smiley.

@Shawna: thanks for all your help! You're a super moderator smiley

whoo hoo... glad you got it working with Chrome Angela! and now I know the answer for next time for sure... smiley

@Jordan: Thanks! smiley