Trouble downloading / download not starting

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Trouble downloading / download not starting

If you attempt to download an item, and the site takes your download credits, but the download does not start, or you have some other problem with the download, please follow these steps:

First: refresh the page on the item you wish to download, and try re-downloading it (for most browsers you can do refresh the page by pressing "F5" on your keyboard; or visit this site for help). If Pixel Scrapper charged you your download credits already, you will see a notice that you can re-download the item for free for a few days after your initial attempt. So try to re-download the item, and see if the download works the second time:

If you are still having trouble with the download after one or two re-try attempts, please follow these steps:

1. Try using a download manager to handle your downloads. This will make your files download faster, and help prevent problems during download. A great free download manager can be found at

2. Make sure you are using the latest version of your web browser by visiting . Old browsers can cause problems, so if you are not using the latest version, go ahead and update.

3. If the file in question is a .zip or .7z file and it seems to be downloading, but you are having issues opening it, the problem could be with your unzipper program. We recommend using 7zip for Windows, or Zipeg for Mac. Please try downloading and using one of those programs to open the zipped file.

If you are still having problems getting a download to work after following ALL the steps above, please contact me at [email protected]. Please include the following information in your email:

  • Let me know what operating system and web browser you are using (for example: "Windows 8 and Google Chrome").
  • Include a detailed description of exactly what is happening when you attempt to download a file. If you are seeing any error messages or the like, please include a screenshot.
  • Let me know if this is a new problem, or something that has been happening for a while. Let me know if it is an issue with every file you attempt to download, or just some files (and include links to the files that are not downloading for you).
  • Let me know that you have read this post, and followed all of the recommendations above (such as using a download manager to handle the downloads).

Thanks for helping me help you--together, I'm sure we can get things working!

I have a question regarding downloading. If I post a comment saying Thanks it looks like the asset is downloaded at the same time. But it does not show up as being downloaded in my computer. If I then click on download it says that I have already downloaded and have 9 more downloads.

Is it supposed to automatically download if you comment?

Hi Cheryl. No, it should not automatically download if you comment. It should only download when you press the download button.