Trouble with Downloading

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Trouble with Downloading

I have experienced two problems with trying to download something. The first time was a couple days ago it was Swirl Overlay, I had started the download process, but then Google Chrome crashed before I could click Save, but it showed that I downloaded it. The second time was today, I just tried to download Venice Pattern 9 and again something happened to my browser window before I could even get to the screen to tell it where to save it. Other than those two glitches, and not sure if it is on your end or mine, I have enjoyed browsing through your site, and using the items I have already downloaded.

I didn't notice this when I first started using your site, but I like the fact that if we click on an item, it will show us that we downloaded it and when. That really helps to keep from downloading the same thing again.

Hi Diane, I don't know if this is any help so it's just an FYI but I've been recently having trouble with Chrome too - freezing, running way too slow, not loading stuff - having trouble with Gmail also.

Sorry about those difficulties Diane smiley . I'm going to be implementing free re-downloading of items for everyone soon, so if you have downloaded (or attempted to download) an item in the past, you'll be able to re-download it for free, which will save you have to spend extra download credits to download items again when your browser crashes, etc.

I got my Dc points today, but the download box never came up, and points are gone. Still missing one day of download points.

@Beverly: sorry about that smiley . Please send an email to with a bit more detail about what you mean by "the download box never came up."