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Ditto here - no DC for today smiley

Thanks everyone for reporting this most recent issue with the free daily download credits. Looking into the issue, and hope to have it solved soon.

Hi Jordan

LOL now having looked at the correct thread I see it is not just me smiley . Just letting you know that I am still having the same issue today of zero dc points again.

Many thanks for all you hard work sorting out these problems.


Apologies Jordon I post the 2 comments below in the wrong forum copied here for you easy viewing.

[i]We're Back For Now (IMPORTANT READ)[/i][/b]

Saturday 31/08/2013

Hi Jordan

Yesterday I was very happy downloading my 10 dc points and looking forward to the extra points that you said would be rolled out to one and all.

But my shock and horror LOL smiley when today I have zero dc points again sob sob sorry to ask you again Jordan is this wide spread or just me?

Many thanks


Thursday 29/08/2013

Hi Jordan

Thanks for your hard work getting everything working again!

I have a question for you last night I could not download in the uk as the site was down and today I have only 0 points is this effecting everyone or just me?

Many thanks


Zero credits for me too.

Shame as I have seen a couple of templates I would love to have.

There was a bug in the system, which has been fixed. Thanks to everyone who reported the issue. I will be sending out extra download credits to everyone today. Please see this announcement.

Thanks! I just got mine!

Thanks for all your work and thanks for the extra download credits. However I seem to have problem using mine... I can´t download a kit at 12 DC although I have 15 DC...

Hi Jennica, sorry for the trouble. Because of the large file sizes, full kit and bundle downloads are generally reserved for people who donate or subscribe to the site (aside from the free kit/bundle you get for joining the site). There should be a message in pink text under the place where the download button would normally be. Are you not seeing any message there? If not, please send a screenshot of the kit page that you want to download, so that I can see what's going on. Thanks!

This one gave me troubles this morning:

I downloaded the CU version, but it did not download; it took the DC's and left the message, though: "You downloaded this item for commercial use on Sep 11 2013. Please Donate Now if you would like to be able to re-download items for free."

The one unusual thing I did notice was that as I download items, I "Unheart This" them (so I know I've downloaded them) and where it normally would say Sad smiley in red just below the button, it said it in a green highlighted box near the top of the page, above the preview.

Sorry for that, Tina. Can you remind me what browser and operating system you are using?

Chrome Version 29.0.1547.66 m and Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit but so far, that's been the only one that has done that. The other one I downloaded today went through just fine.

Strange... can you try re-downloading that one, and see if it works?

It redownloaded fine, Jordan.

Okay, thanks for reporting the issue Tina--always appreciated. Seems like it was some kind of strange glitch. Please let us know if you run into this again at any point.

(I've also given you a few download credits to make up for the download that didn't start).

Thanks, Jordan!

I only seem to be getting 1 DC per day I really am missing out on my DC. I should be getting 7. I tried to download Pretty Things bundle for 22 credits, I have 32 and it wouldnt let me download it.

I sent you a response via email, Danielle, but to restate things here:

Full kit and bundle downloads (except for the initial free kit download) are limited to people who have donated or subscribed to Pixel Scrapper: other members are limited to downloading individual items from the site (assets and templates). The reason for this limitation is that the kits and bundles have very large file sizes, and we simply can't afford to offer such large downloads to everyone, as much as we would like to do that (we pay for every download from the site on an individual basis). Does that make sense?

I apologize for the confusion; we're going to be working in the future to make the whole system simpler, and easier to understand.

For now, you can unlock full kit and bundle downloads by making a small one-time donation (as little as $5--click here for more info), or by subscribing for unlimited downloads (click here for more info).

Mine isn't working again. Yesterday I could click on blank sections and download things. Today I can't even do that much. This happened before and then after 3 days it worked again and I don't know why.

@Prima: sorry to hear about the trouble. Can you elaborate a bit, please? I'm not sure what you're referring to when you say "Mine isn't working again."

Hello again,

I click on "assets" and there is no way to even see the images or click on them. The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago and then after a few days it suddenly allowed me to download again and I don't know why. When I open the website, it says my browser is outdates; so I tried downloading google chrome; but it didn't help.

Any ideas?

Well, can't thank my daughter enough! If anyone else has a similar problem to this, just download something like "google chrome" and open a page that way. It works now!

@Prima: glad it's working for you now!

Hi, I did not receive my free download credits for today.

Thank you Pixel Scrapper for this wonderful resource! I do plan to become a supporter as soon as there is room in the budget, no room this month, my kiddo needs some winter clothes. Be blessed.

Me too... I did not receive my free download credits for today...

hi i did not get any dc when i just logged in can u help pls?

I am having the same problem!

I also did not get the DC for today.

I did not get 5x daily download credits for 23rd

I didn't get my free daily credits, either. Thanks so much, I love this site, it's on my daily To Do list. smiley

hi Jordan,
as for some of us, I didn't any free DC today, and neither my husband or my father too ;P