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@Chantal: I just checked your account, and you have 6 free DC in there. The thing to realize is that free daily download credits do not accumulate: You need to spend them all to get more the next day. Please see our help pages for additional information:

@Ingrid: Sorry for the confusion. You didn't actually get "bumped down." What happened is that you got a fixed DC bonus when you reached the community points milestone. But that does not change the number of free DC you get every day, which will stay at 5. (This is a new system that we are moving towards: if you found something in the help, or some message on the site that confused you, or gave incorrect information, please let me know).

Alright Jordan, though if this is the new system of not increasing DC points, I really must've read the help section incorrectly when I signed on. From what I read in that section you first get DC's from filling out your profile. Now the next section as I read it is @ 10 community points =more DC's, 30 community points = more DC's and so on. I also noted that community points are not the same as DC credits, though under the help section again the first point made is the more community points you have the more free DC's you get. I'm not arguing, I just want to point out that if this is a new system perhaps you might want to change that help I know I wouldn't be scratching my head smiley

@Jordan I think I understand it now smiley

I am not receiving my download credits. Have been at 26 for weeks now.

Oh nvm I just saw where you said they do not accumulate.

Under More About Community Points, the Increasing Download Credits section is not clear. Ingrid's post #153 points out the problem. Where it says download credits, I'm thinking DAILY download credits, but apparently it really means a one-time addition to the total. After reading lots of rules and posts, I now think that the Daily Download Credits can never increase beyond 5. Is that correct? If so, can it say that somewhere?

In the section More About Download Credits, the heading Free DC Per Day should probably be changed to say something like One-Time Bonus Credits--and why not tell us how many credits we get at each level? Is it the same number as the Community Points, or a different number?

Also, the word "increase" in "To get your first increase in free download credits" made me think that the 5 daily credits would be increased! I think it really means: To get your first bonus download credits....

I bet I'm not the only new member confused about this!

Thanks, Pamela: we will work to make those sections more clear!

Hi, Re item: Sweet Valentine Elements Kit - Whimsical Border it says I downloaded this item but it didn't download . im not sure If I did it wrong or what. denise

Hi I wondered if there was a time limit on the free DC I have been given. thank you so much for them as well.

Hi Denise: no there is no time limit on the free credits.

Sorry that you had download issues with that border. Because you have made a donation, you should be able to re-download that item at no "charge": just return to the item page, and try downloading it again.

Hi Jordan
I am wondering how and when do we receive our bonus DC point due to CP targets that get met? I might be mistaken but when I reached the CP70 it didn't seem to give me any bonus DC points? But I wasn't keeping a close eye on it so might definitely be mistaken, I just want to know so I can keep an eye open for my next CP target? O and the bonus DC points do they also expire in 24hours?
Thank you

Hi is there a way, with out going through all the pages, of telling what you have all ready downloaded as I can not remember what was that would not download. thanks

@Friena: looking over your history, it looks like you received 10 bonus credits on 2/19 for hitting 70 DC, and then 20 more bonus dc a little later for hitting 150. We'll try to make those notices a bit more obvious in the future smiley

@Denise: Unfortunately we don't have a "download history" page at the moment, but that is on the to do list! Sorry for the inconvenience smiley

Thank you Jordan

Same with Freina, I did not receive bonus DC when I reached 70 CP. My DC has not gone over 5 since receiving my bonus for 30 CP.

Sorry about that, Jamie! I've given you some bonus credits to make up for the mistake. Will have to look into this further when I have some more time...

While I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth, I believe there may be a problem with the download bonus at 70 points because I didn't get one either. I don't think I will have a problem reaching the next milestone, but I do want all the bonus points I can get because I have my eye on a new kit! Thanks a ton!