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Unable to upload assets

I wanted to upload an asset but when I go to my profile and click on designer tools I only see 'upload layout' and 'manage layout'. I cannot scroll further nor is there 'upload asset.' Is there some requirement that I don't have?

Hello Lisa and welcome to Pixel Scrapper!

The only people alowed to upload assets in the site are the site´s designers (Nowadays there are four of them: Marisa, Brooke, Janet and Sheilla) and their uploader helpers. All the other people, including us, moderators, have the exact same options you´re describing.

Ohhhh, I thought anyone could share their stuff. Thanks for clearing that up. I found the thread where community members could offer their freebies so I guess that is the option. I've just started up my blog for this since I'm new to digital scrapping. Thanks again.

Hi Lisa, thanks for posting. We are considering implementing an area in the future where people can upload their own assets and templates to share... for now you will need to do that through the freebie forum, though. All the best.

I would like to upload some freebies, too. I've looked at the Freebie Forum and followed some of the links to try and find out how it is done, but I'm very confused. Does the blog have to be on another website, or can I do it on here? I also seem to remember reading somewhere that I have to get 100 Community Points before I can do this - but I can't find the place now where I read it!
Also, when I clicked on one of the links in the Freebie Forum I got a message along the top of the screen to say that my action had caused a loop - which wasn't allowed as this is a professional website! I've no idea what I did wrong.

Sorry for the confusion, Jan. We do have plans for a proper upload area for community members. For now, you can share stuff in the freebie forum (once you have 100 community points) by linking to downloads that you have uploaded elsewhere (you cannot currently upload your freebies directly to Pixel Scrapper).

Regarding the redirect loop, that's definitely a problem on our end (not yours). Can you tell me which link exactly gave you that error? Thanks!

Thank you for your helpful comment.
I'm afraid I can't tell you now which link gave the error message as I didn't make a note of it (I know I should have). I tried a few today to see if I could find it again, but those were all OK. Sorry.