What's going on with the kit downloads?

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What's going on with the kit downloads?

Hi what is going on with the kit downloads (templates)..? Today is the second time it wont work to download a big file that has to be split in different downloads.. And you took it down..

Hi Jessica, Do you have the link, by any chance, or the name of the bundle?

If the kit/bundle was taken down, it probably means that it was published prematurely... the way the workflow works, is that a bundle is created, and then a designer uploads the kits for that bundle, and links to it, and then everything goes live. Sometimes a designer accidentally publishes the bundle when they are first creating it, before any of the kits have been added, and that results in the the download not working, and usually the designer unpublished the bundle once they realized that they published it too early.

Basically, this just means that that bundle is coming, but it will take a little while before it is ready.

Sorry for the confusion and the inconvenience. If you notice this happening in the future, it would be great if you could copy the link to the bundle while you are there, and I can look into the specific issue. We'll try to minimize this happening in the future.